2 movies that catapulted Eniola Badmus to fame

2 movies that catapulted Eniola Badmus to fame

2 movies that catapulted Eniola Badmus to fame

2 movies that catapulted Eniola Badmus to fame

Enormous and striking on-screen character, Eniola Badmus who praised her 34th birthday celebration on Thursday, September 7, 2017, was a normal, battling on-screen character. Be that as it may, her popularity took off with two blockbuster motion pictures delivered by Funke Akindele.

With Omo Ghetto and Jenifa, the ubiquity of the enormous boned star soared northwards.

Before at that point, Enibad or ‘Gbogbo Bigz Girl’, as she is affectionately called, had assumed diverse parts in different motion pictures, both English and Yoruba. In any case, with Omo Ghetto and Jenifa, Eniola Badmus turned into an easily recognized name not on the grounds that she included in the motion pictures, but rather in light of the fact that she was in the opportune place at the privilege. The parts suited her character and this in the long run conveyed her to the very place she is currently.

Encomium.ng presents to you the movie(s) that shot pro on-screen character, Eniola Badmus to spotlight and some different films she has highlighted in…

1. Jenifa (she assumed the part of ‘Gbogbo Bigz Girl’)

Individuals won’t overlook this film soon on the grounds that it really made a blast when it was discharged. Composed and created by another productive and skilled performing artist, Funke Akindele, Eniola Badmus assumed the part of ‘Gbogbo Bigz Girl’ in this film, a name she is nicknamed with till date. Her character was that of a young lady who gives University young ladies to custom executioners for cash. She went from one Institution to the next to get young ladies in the offer of taking them to rich folks who might ‘deal with them’. This character, we can state, suited Eniola’s identity as she conveyed the part practically like she had occupied with such business some time recently.

2. Omo Ghetto (she assumed the part of Busty)

Omo Ghetto is yet another bluckbuster (likewise delivered by Funke Akindele) that drew out the absolute best in Eniola Badmus. She assumed the part of Busty, individual from an all-young ladies group situated in the ghetto. Full figured, as different young ladies in the posse (Lefty, Skoda, Omojoyibo, Nikky), go about in the ghetto causing disorder, battling rival packs to assert predominance. Full figured is a character whose mother needed the best for in spite of her ghetto life. She was selected in a cooking school to figure out how to make snacks, however she just observed her enlistment as a chance to eat all that anyone could need. She eats even while searing the snacks. This, be that as it may, prompted a battle amongst herself and her manager, which made her to leave the professional focus.

The previously mentioned motion pictures can be delegated Eniola’s best since they drew out the best in her. She assumed her parts in them splendidly.

Different motion pictures she included in are as per the following.

1. Return of Jenifa

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