AKA Blasts MTV Base Hottest MCs (Here’s What He Said)

AKA Blasts MTV Base Hottest MCs (Here’s What He Said)

AKA Blasts MTV Base Hottest MCs (Here’s What He Said)

As we outfit to discover South Africa’s best rappers of the year 2017 through the MTV Base Hottest MCs, one

individual who is totally uninterested is AKA. This is in light of the way that the SupaMega has wound up

affecting rundown and requested that not be considered.

Additionally called feels that notwithstanding the way that he has reliably been the most dedicated Emcee in

the enjoyment and has eagerly put out marvelous hits, his endeavors have never been seen as hehas never

been number one on the quick overview.

In a video shared on the channel’s Twitter page this week, AKA didn’t mask hisdisappointment.

He communicated:

“I don’t need MTV to put me on that f**king list. Try not toput me on your f**king list no more,”While numerous industry watchers trust AKA’s reaction may be some sort of exposure trick to advance the rundown, it is really not the first “The World Is Yours” rapper has communicated his mistake.A year ago he completed fifth on the rundown and didn’t acknowledge that rundown compassionate also. This time, he additionally repeated the way that he is basically uninterested.

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