American Embassy Bans Nigerian School Cert Holder For Life… (See What He Did)

American Embassy Bans Nigerian School Cert Holder For Life… (See What He Did)

American Embassy on Tuesday hammered a Nigerian, Julius Olawale Oluwagbenro, 46, with life boycott for professedly acting like a designer, among different lies keeping in mind the end goal to get American Visa, New Telegraph reports.

As indicated by the suspect, Tuesday was his fourth endeavor to get the American Visa. He had thrice been rejected, yet this fourth time got him an existence boycott.

He was claimed to have told the Embassy that he went to University of Lagos (UNILAG), Akoka, where he contemplated Electrical Electronics. He was additionally blamed for asserting to have once worked with Procter and Gamble.

Police said that another lie that Oluwagbenro advised was that he was heading off to the US for entombment of his uncle, who kicked the bucket of growth in New York. .

He then lied that he was directly working with Unilever as a specialist, with a month to month pay of N657,000. Recuperated from him are a few records accepted to be phony.

One of the records is a police letterhead, expressing that Oluwagbenro had a harmed travel permit and that the Embassy should, “compassionately render any help he may require”.

Another record is a First Bank explanation, demonstrating that Oluwagbenro had N6.2 million in his record. The thing which, be that as it may, nailed Oluwagbenro was the telephone number of the contact individual he should meet in America.

The Embassy found that the telephone number of the contact individual had been utilized for more than 190 candidates. While Oluwagbenro’s records demonstrated that the contact individual lives in Brooklyn, New York, the proprietor of the number lives in Chicago.

In a meeting, Oluwagbenro stated: “in all actuality I wasn’t the individual that filled my visa shape. My operator did. I was not by any means mindful of the vast majority of the data he filled on the frame. I offer autos in Ibadan.”

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