Anambra Govt denies owing salaries, pensions, gratuities

Anambra Govt denies owing salaries, pensions, gratuities

Anambra Govt denies owing salaries, pensions, gratuities

Anambra Govt denies owing salaries, pensions, gratuities

Legislature of Anambra State has denied reports that it was owing laborers compensations, benefits and tips or retirees as well.

It demanded that a current report which recorded Anambra as one of the states owing unpaid debts of pay rates, annuities and tips independent of the arrival of the second tranche of the Paris Club discount was false and misdirecting.

An official statement by the state’s Information and Communications Strategy magistrate, Mr Tony Nnachetta which was made accessible to DAILY POST in Awka expressed that Anambra State was not owing laborers’ pay rates, benefits or tips as the report had affirmed.

The discharge stated, “despite what might be expected, since the initiation of the Obiano organization, Anambra has been more alive to its commitment to laborers including retirees and beneficiaries.

“It is on record for example, that in year 2015, when the country’s economy was sliding into retreat, Anambra was the main state in the league that expanded the pay rates of its specialists. It is additionally a well established actuality that since the commencement of the Governor Willie Obiano organization in Anambra State, specialists’ compensations have never held up one day longer than the booked 25th day of consistently when each worker of the legislature gets their pay alarm.”

Nnacheta said the Obiano organization has remained especially mindful to the predicament of laborers, while reviewing that four months in the wake of expecting office, Governor Obiano paid the back payments of annuity and tip adding up to N940m owed Local Government retired people in the state.

He said that Obiano had lined the installment up with the leeway of the N1.9bn overdue debts of pay rates owed Water Corporation and ANSEPA staff by the past organization for a long time.

He included that, “Also, retirees of National Light, the state’s daily paper distributing house whose benefits had been falling behind financially since the state was made 26 years back were paid quite recently a week ago.

“It is in this custom of compassionate treatment of the specialists, that Governor Obiano has guaranteed to expand the pay rates of Anambra laborers one year from now once the Anambra State House of Assembly endorses the 2018 Budget.”

He said it is in valuation for all the benevolent signals of the Obiano organization towards specialists, that individuals from the composed Labor in the state have collectively embraced the representative’s second term offer, amid the exercises denoting the current year’s festival of the Workers’ Day.

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