Davido Has Found A Wife; Debunks Breakup With Chioma

Davido Has Found A Wife; Debunks Breakup With Chioma

For the minute everybody had an uncertainty as a main priority when reports turned into a web sensation yesterday about Davido and his seriously broadcasted young lady, Chioma Avril separated on IG.

All things considered, Davido has demonstrated past questions that his adoration for Chioma is genuine and can stand the trial of time, gossipy tidbits and charges.

In the event that there was a reward for ‘Sweetheart of the year’, that honor would and doubtlessly go to the unrivaled Davido! Nobody demonstrates love like he’s being improving the situation his sweetheart Chioma Avril Rowland.

Pretty much seven days back, Chioma was blamed for being an open ‘whore’ but instead than dump her, Davido has just demonstrated her more help.

There were additionally gossipy tidbits flying around that the sweethearts are at long last having issues and have unfollowed each other on Instagram, Davido has however reacted that his ‘Chioma’ has numerous phony pages that he doesn’t take after.

He went ahead to say that Chioma is his wife and he would defend her anywhere! 

Looks like this love is greater than our imaginations and is heading in the opposite direction of ‘Baby mama’ avenue!

Meanwhile, Chioma has also made it clear that all the Chioma Avril Rowlands on IG are impersonators!

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