DRAM – I Have A Dream

DRAM - I Have A Dream

DRAM – I Have A Dream

“I got the verification, dreams do work out as expected.”

A little more than a year after the arrival of Big Baby DRAM, discreetly extraordinary compared to other

presentation collections of 2016, DRAM (who as of late expelled the accentuation from his stage name) has

shared the choice version of the venture, including 8 extra tracks, 5 of which are fresh out of the box new. “I

Have A Dream” commences the keep running of new material, and its the least complex and brightest of the

group. At just shy of 2 minutes, the Virginia vocalist crushes out some sticky songs and snares in a limited

capacity to focus time, keeping his head up as he sings of the idealistic viewpoint that is got him where he is.

“I got the verification, Dreams do work out as expected,” he murmurs.

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