Empowering young beauty practitioners – Kiki Osinbajo talks Glam’d Africa in Exclusive Interview with BN Beauty

Empowering young beauty practitioners – Kiki Osinbajo talks Glam’d Africa in Exclusive Interview with BN Beauty

Empowering young beauty practitioners – Kiki Osinbajo talks Glam’d Africa in Exclusive Interview with BN Beauty

Empowering young beauty practitioners – Kiki Osinbajo talks Glam’d Africa in Exclusive Interview with BN Beauty

Today, Glam’d Africa opens its ways to the world, the first of numerous turning points to come while determined to additionally improve the flourishing Nigerian excellence Industry.

BellaNaija Beauty got the chance to solely meet the brains behind the brand, Kiki Osinbajo. Her point is to help youngsters needing to get into the excellence business by offering free preparing at Glam’d Africa, engaging youngsters needing to wind up magnificence specialists.

Remain centered, remain consistent with yourself and take after what you trust in.

– Kiki Osinbajo

Kiki gives us an understanding into her voyage so far with the Glam’d Africa undertaking and BellaNaija wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer. We’re eager to hear more examples of overcoming adversity on this new activity.

BellaNaija Beauty: What was your first involvement with cosmetics like? Any prominent recollections?

Kiki Osinbajo: I think my most punctual memory of really wearing cosmetics was in secondary school. Obviously we were not permitted to wear any cosmetics in school, but rather I recollect my companions and I used to wear this eyeliner called ‘Kajal’. It’s humorous to consider it now on the grounds that at the time I thought I looked astounding with it on! I used to truly finished line my eyes with it at that point add on tons and huge amounts of lipgloss. Presently when I glance back at old photographs I wince since I certainly resembled a panda! So embarassing!

BN Beauty: When did you initially find this (Glam’d Africa) was something you needed to do?

Kiki: I once read some place in the event that you accomplish something you are energetic about, you never work a day in your life. I’ve generally been a major devotee of everything excellence and when I was in school my companions and I would set aside so we could purchase things from our most loved magnificence brands. I went to an occasion in the UK called ‘The Clothes Show’ and I met some of my most loved make up specialists which was an astonishing background for me. From that point forward it has been a fantasy of mine to have the capacity to have an occasion recently like that one day and a delight store.

A key piece of the vision of Glam’d Africa was to make a ‘Collaborating Space’. This would basically be a center for magnificence organizations where cosmetics specialists, excellence brands, attire brands, frill and nail craftsmen all go under one rooftop to exist together. By coinciding it would dispose of a portion of the things that makes beginning up a business troublesome and empower individuals to effortlessly share information to gain from and reinforce each other. With the measure of astonishing work individuals are doing I had a feeling that in the event that we as a whole meet up shared the weight we would convey less! It additionally would widen the client base for every business.

Something I’m truly amped up for is our “cosmetics cooperating space” which is focused at independent cosmetics craftsmen. The space can be leased for cosmetics specialists who don’t have studios. They should simply book the space for the measure of hours they require it for and come and take care of their customers. For a few people they have occupations and do cosmetics as an afterthought, this takes out the need to lease a studio for the year and furthermore in moderate months they have no misfortunes as they just book when they have to.

We likewise needed to make a space where excellence lovers can pick up learning on the most proficient method to get into the magnificence business. Here, we will hold talks from specialists in the business and offer free instructional classes. It’s constantly useful to hear the “customs” of the business from the individuals who have direct information and hear their stories of their trip to progress. More insights about this can be found on our site www.glamdafrica.com or on any of our online networking stages

BN Beauty: How did you deal with that enthusiasm with learns at school?

Kiki: I was extremely enticed to consider a stunner or form course while at University yet I understood that what I was learning at Uni was entirely setting me up for the business world.

I contemplated a blended level of Law and Business and inside it there were a couple of modules which requesting that we think of a marketable strategy and I thought of an arrangement for Glam’d Africa. It was incredible on the grounds that it truly assisted with what I’m doing now and furthermore having the information of law has turned out to be a special reward. I’m truly glad I adhered to it. You can never turn out badly with a formal training however its additionally a smart thought to add to that by doing a course to take in more about a particular topic.

BN Beauty: Being a business administration graduate, how has it helped you so far as a developing, youthful business visionary?

Kiki: My degree has helped me colossally. There were modules where you needed to really make and “run” the business. Those exercises gave me a truly clear comprehension of how organizations should function and a comprehension of the essential devices you expected to run one effectively.

There are loads of spic and span, non-customary occupation parts that individuals of my era will be improving the situation the first run through and we are somewhat learning as we are coming. I’m truly roused by a portion of the things that youthful Nigerian business visionaries are accomplishing and trust that one day I’ll be considered one of those youthful Nigerians doing extraordinary things.

BN Beauty: Were there any challenges you confronted in chipping away at this dispatch venture?

Kiki: Like any task, there were various difficulties I confronted. Chipping away at making my fantasies a reality has unquestionably been the greatest test. I needed to make a place that would make the fulfillment of the client the essential core interest. I kept adjusting parcels and transforming it until the point when we achieved a place that I felt our customers would be glad and happy with.

BN Beauty: Any learning encounters/guidance you’d jump at the chance to impart to our perusers as a type of consolation?

Kiki: Plan, plan, plan and plan once more!!! Continue arranging. I have an inclination that I’ve been arranging this my entire life that still wasn’t sufficient! Remain centered, remain consistent with yourself and take after what you trust in. Trust your sense and trust you can do it since you CAN!

Likewise, consider the general population in your field. We have such a large number of good examples in the excellence and mold industry from Banke Meshida Lawal of BMPro, Tara Durotoye House of Tara, Bridget Awosika and so forth. They broke into the business when nobody longed for it and made the staggering brands that we appreciate today. It couldn’t have been simple for them.

So like them, be prepared for difficult circumstances in light of the fact that everything won’t work out precisely how you need, yet realize that if God has favored your task it will be precisely as He needs it to be.

BN Beauty: Promoting privately made items is essential to us with the #BuyNigerian development. Will Glam’d Africa set up any CSR frameworks to enhance the development of excellence industry and the individuals who give these assets?

Kiki: There are such a significant number of staggering neighborhood brands and it’s energizing when I see diverse individuals from various parts of the world wearing our garments, frill, and so forth.

At the Glam’d Africa store in Abuja which authoritatively opens this week will stock an extensive assortment of our neighborhood brands. We have brands like BMPro, Ade Bakare, O’eclat, Muji Lagos, Nubian roots, Bariats, Natural Nigerian, Idong Harri and Jaxx beautifying agents to give some examples.

We have additionally joined forces with Bella Africana which is an organization devoted to advancing African brands locally and universally. They have likewise been exceptionally useful in pointing us the correct way as they have a wide assortment of brands in various fields of the excellence business. We are dependably vigilant for new brands to work with.

We offer free preparing for those needing to pick up learning and involvement in the excellence business. We as of late held a fly up preparing school and have made them flabbergast examples of overcoming adversity leave that. I’m to a great degree pleased to state that two of our nail expert learners from the Glam’d fly up could keep honing and are currently ready to acquire a living from it. We hold these free instructional classes during the time so those intrigued can look at our site www.glamdafrica.com for more data on that.

BN Beauty: Do you think you’d ever be occupied with making your own image of excellence items?

Kiki: Absolutely! Truth be told, we are chipping away at a couple of things under the Glam’d Africa umbrella. I’m very enthusiastic about skincare too so I would likewise love to have a skincare line one day. It’s certainly one of my objectives.

Notwithstanding that, Glam’d will likewise be teaming up with existing brands on various items and lines. I believe it’s imperative for us to cooperate with brands as I trust we would move further and accomplish significantly more when we cooperate.

BN Beauty: What are your plans for extension? Would it be a good idea for us to expect a Lagos branch not long after the Abuja dispatch?

Kiki: We have many plans for future development of the Glam’d Africa mark. One of which is a delight reasonable which by God’s beauty will happen as expected in 2018. The Glam’d Africa Beauty Fair will be a two-day open occasion where neighborhood magnificence brands from crosswise over Nigeria and globally will be displayed under one rooftop. I likewise would like to be in a position to open a branch of the store in Lagos.

BN Beauty: What makes you not quite the same as your rivals? What’s your special offering point?

Kiki: One of the things that make Glam’d Africa emerge is the help and consideration we provide for privately made and claimed items. We will stock global brands as well, yet our privately made brands are at the front line. Our cooperating space is likewise something that characterizes us. I’m an adherent that there is no such thing as “rivalry” and in life we as a whole run our own particular race. I feel that our obligation is to discover courses on the best way to improve things by and large rather that emphasis on rivalry. We are all in it together.

BN Beauty: Where do you see the business in 5 – quite a while from now?

Kiki: By God elegance in 5-10 years I see Glam’d Africa Beauty Houses effectively opened in various urban communities crosswise over Nigeria and possibly other countrie

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