FG Wants To Kill My Son- Nnamdi Kanu’s Father

FG Wants To Kill My Son- Nnamdi Kanu’s Father

FG Wants To Kill My Son- Nnamdi Kanu’s Father

FG Wants To Kill My Son- Nnamdi Kanu’s Father

His Royal Highness, Isaac Okwu Kanu, is the conventional leader of Afara Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia North Local Government region of Abia State and father of the pioneer of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu. In a meeting with Okey Sampson in his royal residence, the illustrious father talked unequivocally against the current move by the Federal Government to get his child re-captured, cautioning that it would spell fate for the nation. He likewise sent a SOS to the United Nations, claiming that the Federal Government intended to slaughter his child.

You may have found out about the move by the Federal Government to get your child, Nnamdi Kanu re-captured, what’s your response?

Why will they need to re-capture him? Did he murder anyone? Did he mock the constitution? A few people are stating that my child, mocked the safeguard condition given him by a Federal High Court in Abuja, yet the inquiry remains, what kind of safeguard condition was that? Is it conceivable that a man of my child’s remaining in the general public could remain without getting together to 10 people in a day or week? In this way, the said safeguard condition was against his major human rights. In any case, that not withstanding, I recognize what we are going through in my royal residence; endeavoring to prevent individuals from coming here, however there is an utmost to which we can do that. At first, the significant door to my royal residence had dependably been open, yet since he returned, that entryway has dependably been closed and we did that to prevent individuals from accessing the compound. Along these lines, I don’t realize what truly matters to them.

The allegation against your child is that he has been going by urban areas in the South East to address his supporters which is in opposition to his safeguard condition. What do you need to state on this?

The court in any case never limited him from moving about. In this way, over the span of going to see maybe a couple of his companions and those individuals would compose gathering for him, I don’t think there is anything amiss with that to warrant his being executed. The inquiry I have been getting some information about this arranged re-capture is whether Nnamdi is fleeing from the nation? It is highly unlikely he would do that. Any day they need him to show up in court, he will unobtrusively do that.

I read a few days ago that the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami said the Federal Government did not capture backers of quit notice to Igbo living in the northern piece of the nation on account of the security suggestions. From what he stated, it was not that the Arewa adolescents did not submit any offense, but rather the issue is that the Federal Government fears what will leave such captures and enabled them to move unreservedly. Then again, they are making move to get Nnmadi Kanu, who had done nothing re-captured in light of the fact that they don’t think anything would happen on the off chance that they do that, yet they might be committing the best error. It is this treating individuals from a specific piece of the nation as being better than others that is making the tumult for Biafra to pick up force consistently.

With the move by Federal Government to re-capture your child, would you encourage him to revoke the unsettling?

It is extremely unlikely I will encourage him to overlook the unsettling for Biafra ,on the grounds that I let him know from the very first moment that I completely bolster him, since what he is doing is for the benefit of his kin. In this way, encouraging him to drop the fomentation now due to the dread for his life would not be perfect. It is terrible for one to be set apart out for disposal since he said reality.

A few people are of the supposition that re-capturing Nnamdi Kanu will cause more issue for the nation, do you trust this?

Truly, re-capturing my child will cause more issues for the nation. Why might they re-capture my child; to execute him? God and our kin won’t enable that to happen. They ought to understand that Nnamdi has a kid he has not set his eyes on since he was conceived and it was keeping in mind the rules that everyone must follow that made him not to go to London to see that kid.

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