Father Turns Imbecile After Impregnating Daughter Twice

Father Turns Imbecile After Impregnating Daughter Twice

Father Turns Imbecile After Impregnating Daughter Twice

Father Turns Imbecile After Impregnating Daughter Twice

It was a deplorable story that began when, John Oyewo, the 67-year-old occupant of Manfile people group in Upper Gaa Akanbi, Ilorin South territory of Kwara State, previously wedded to one Yetunde, isolated from her to wed another lady, by name Feyisayo in 1992.

Amongst Yetunde and John, they had a young lady, Esther. At that point 15, she would go to remain with her father, and his new spouse. Her stepmother, who was a specialist, was regularly far from home. One thing prompted another and over the span of the visits, an unlawful undertaking began amongst father and girl.

How it began

She reviewed the beginning of the corrupt issue. “My dad returned home one night. I was sleeping soundly when he woke me up and inquired as to whether I had my shower. I said no. At that point he requesting that I bathe with him and I went along with him honestly.

While in the washroom, he began touching my delicate parts. Bothered, I Initially opposed him yet when I could never again hold it I ended up noticeably excited and reacted to his touching. We had it in that spot in the washroom. Afterward, it turned into a steady thing. I was apprehensive but since I had no place to go, I persevered it.”

The forbidden relationship brought about Esther’s first pregnancy. She later brought forth a tyke who kicked the bucket soon after birth under strange condition. Still the despicable issue proceeded.

The young lady got pregnant for her father the second time, had another youngster who they dedicated Oreoluwa.

Reward of heresy

This time around family and relations felt that they had enough of this hogwash and asked father and girl to leave for good from their middle by method for collective ex-correspondence. That was the way the twosome remaining the family house to settle in their present residence Manfile territory in Upper Gaa Akanbi.

However, while there, the second youngster who was solidness and healthy and had begun strolling about, all of a sudden took sick and kicked the bucket. As though that was insufficient difficulty, the father wound up plainly harrowed with idiocy and left home never to be seen again, till today. As you read this, lone God knows where he is.

To compound it all, Esther, now 39, has been tormented with an odd sickness the idea of which she would not need people in general to know. In any case, a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is helping her, she said. In tears, she said to The Sun: “I thought what I was doing then was correct not knowing I have carried out an incredible wrongdoing that has destroyed my life.”

Okasanmi Ajayi, Police PRO, said the main time casualties more often than not convey such case to the consideration of police is the point at which it goes past family emergency. “Else, they favor settling it in family way.”

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